Soil Suitability Testing

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Soil Suitablity Testing:

Design of various detention and retention basins requires knowledge of a particular site’s soil permeability.  John A. Raber & Associates provides this information to the Design Engineer through the implementation of a subsurface soil investigation and/or a laboratory testing program.  The subsurface investigation typically involves performing percolation tests in accordance with state regulations.  John A. Raber & Associates also collects subsurface soil samples for laboratory permeability testing.  The results of both the on-site and laboratory testing are presented to the client and Design Engineer.

Septic System:

John A. Raber & Associates provides septic system soil evaluations in accordance with state regulation.  These evaluations are accomplished through the completion of test pits and a detailed study of the subsurface soils.  Specific characteristics of the soil are identified, such as depth to seasonal high groundwater, and identification of any permeability limiting zones.  These characteristics are evaluated as a whole and the subsurface soil in the area of the proposed septic system is assigned a Soil Suitability Classification.  The results of the field investigation and study of the subsurface soils encountered in the field investigation are then presented to the Design Engineer.  John A. Raber & Associates septic system soil evaluations are critical for designing a properly functioning, economical, and safe septic system for any type of residential or commercial structure.

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