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John A. Raber & Associates
4314-F Crystal Lake Road
McHenry, IL 60050

Phone: (815) 344-4020
Fax: (815) 331-0800


John A. Raber and Associates provides site assessment and reconnaissance survey services. Developers who are reviewing potential development parcels may need to obtain general and preliminary information to determine whether a parcel is suited for development.

When it is not feasible to produce a detailed soil map, John A. Raber and Associates may be engaged to perform a reconnaissance survey. The objectives of the reconnaissance survey are to obtain preliminary site data that can be used to determine the appropriate receiving environment, screen potential receiver sites, and further focus the detailed survey to follow. A reconnaissance survey typically includes a visual survey of each potential site, preliminary soils investigation using potential systems layouts.

The site reconnaissance begins with a site walkover to observe and identify existing conditions, select areas to perform soil borings, or view potential routes for piping or outfall structures.

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